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Reply 1988 merupakan seri ke-3 dari Reply series sebelumnya yaitu Reply 1997 dan Reply 1994.

Tema yang diangkat di Reply series mostly tentang family, friendship dan romance, untuk tiap seri Reply ada porsinya masing2 untuk ketiga komponen ini.

Bedanya Reply 1988 dari 2 series sebelumnya adalah, lebih banyak porsinya ke family, sehingga quote2nya pun memorable banget, karena secara nggak langsung kita pernah merasakan hal2 yang ada di drama ini walaupun nggak sama persis, minimal ada beberapa poin yang sama.

*mulai gaje*

Yosh, daripada nanti malah makin ngalor ngidul gak jelas, berikut beberapa quote dari drama Reply 1988 yang saya rangkum dari DB, cekidot!!

Your dad wasn’t a dad when he was born. It’s his first time being a dad too.

Family might not know, but knowing isn’t all that important, because what matters isn’t the head, but the heart that leads us to walk hand-in-hand. And that heart is family,

It’s family—that covers over the wounds from the world outside the front door, the scars we each sustain from life, even the sorrow that family itself gives us. The people on my side till the very end—it’s family.

The adults weren’t fine—they were holding on, being strong, enduring.

Sometimes, delusions are a good thing—that if eating Mom’s terrible cooking is enough to make her think she’s great cook, then it’s an easy thing to do.

An adult-like child has simply adjusted to life where he appears to be grown up. But an adult-like child is still a child.

Mistakes are short but misunderstandings can be long, so misunderstandings should be avoided.

No matter how much someone else’s things seem better, it’s all in vain.

We were at the age where we no longer believed in Santa, and were no longer excited by a manitto game. It was an age where we weren’t satisfied by the excitement of a secret present. Palpitations filled us to the brim and made breathing difficult. Embarrassment made us feel like our hearts would burst. We wanted it to be known so badly, but didn’t want to be caught. That fluttering of ’88. We were eighteen.

Time flows and leaves behind parting and regret. If you love someone, you need to say it now. You have to say it before the time spent breathlessly living turns into regret. Perhaps the biggest gift left by time is the memory of having loved. So before it’s too late, overcome your embarrassment and confess: ‘To you, the one I love.’

Sometimes I was ashamed of my mother and often got mad at her for not having any pride: “I just didn’t know it then, that it was because she had something more precious than herself to protect—me.”

People are strongest when they’ve tossed aside their pride: “Mom is strong.” .

They say that God couldn’t be in all places at once and so created mothers. Even when I become a mother, my mother is my guardian angel, and calling her by the name Mother makes my heart choke up. Mom is strong.

Often, by the time you realize that you want to tell your mother that you’re sorry or grateful, too much time has passed. The best thing to make a mother is simply to say, “Mom I need you,” and that one thing is enough.

A line signifies ‘just to there.’ Protecting a line is remaining in that comfortable space you’ve gotten used to and maintaining those rules, that world, those relationships. Not crossing a line also means that you’ll never see a new world with new rules and new relationships. If you dream of a new relationship, if you dream of love, you have to cross that line.

In some ways, cones family is the most obvious. But what’s so important about knowing? In the end, what helps you overcome obstacles isn’t brains but someone who will take your and won’t let you go. In the end, that’s family. Even for the heroes, the people they go back to in the end is family. The home inflicted upon you outside the homehome and the scars inflicted on you by life itself and even pain inflicted on you by family.. The people who will hold you until the end is family.

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